Sisters of the Soul

Sisters of the Soul is an epic tale about a privileged white woman, Elizabeth Dummond, and a plantation slave, Sophie Washington. Like petals on a flower, the story unfolds as the characters narrate sometimes violent and tumultuous events.

Sisters of the Soul touches on the themes of slavery, friendship, romance, love, hatred, tragedy, joy, and strong women surviving and thriving in an unpredictable and often brutal world. The story crosses the continent of North America, starting at the Sweetbrier Plantation in Louisiana in the mid-1800s to the bustling city of San Francisco in the early 1900s.


Ultimately, Sisters of the Soul is a story of redemption, transformation, the healing of a mother-daughter relationship, and the resilient women who find joy and satisfaction as they overcome the struggles and hardships of life.

Snake Food and The Haunting are Kristin's newest books to be released!
In Snake Food, Olivia and Theo are sent to spend the summer with their uncle, Professor Austin Hazelsmith, a terrifically inventive scientist. When the children arrive, they meet Lena Zelinsky, their uncle’s unpleasant housekeeper and Vladimir Trokov, his creepy laboratory assistant. The pair tell Olivia and Theo that their forgetful uncle has left on a sailing trip and might be gone for months. Suspecting that things are amiss, the kids are determined to get to the bottom of the Professor’s untimely disappearance. Find out how,  with bravery and brains, they outwit Trokov and Mrs. Zelinsky in a spirited and exciting showdown!
In The Haunting, Chance Jameson, an almost-thirteen-year-old orphan, discovers he is a natural-born leader when Oak Hill Orphanage is faced with a terrible crisis. Miss May, the much-loved orphanage director, dies in a freak accident, leaving the orphanage in the hands of the greedy, ruthless Whipley twins whose goal is to use the orphans as a slave labor force. Much to his surprise, Chance finds that he can see and communicate with the ghost of Miss May. Through teamwork, they devise a daring scheme to free Oak Hill from the clutches of the wicked twins. Find out how this do this all the way to the thrilling end!

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