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Hi. I'm Kristin A. Fulton, author and founder of Broadway Pacific Press. Our publishing house is in the process of adding new titles and new editions to our catalog of children's adventure stories. Check out our latest title, Henry Bingle's Transformation, a fable for all ages, and watch for the second edition of Snake Food featuring all-new illustrations and bonus materials. Stay tuned for the next epic historical novel in our literary fiction offerings. 

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From laughingstock to leader, Henry Bingle transforms the town of Hogville from pigsty to park. Join the fun and find out how the crusading main character, an overweight, socially awkward thirteen-year old, joins forces with a magical forest Nixie and ends up inspiring his community.

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While you're there, check out my other titles, Snake Food, The Haunting and Sisters of the Soul.

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Prudence finds a free hat and decides it is glorious. She goes to the zoo to show off the hat to all her friends. To her chagrin, Prue discovers her hat is more of a fright than a delight. A heart-warming, surprising conclusion is sure to satisfy readers of all ages. Perfect to read aloud!


Listen to the free audio of IS THAT A HAT? read by the author. (Audio by David Simerley.)

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Check out the second edition of Snake Food with  all new illustrations and additional materials!

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When Olivia and Theo are sent to spend the summer with their Uncle Austin, they are plunged into a perilous, rip-roaring adventure filled with mystery and danger.


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