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Kristin Fulton Children's Stories

Kristin Fulton

Teaching English and Drama broadened my spectrum; besides satisfying my own reading penchant, I needed materials that appealed to my students. A friend introduced me to Roald Dahl’s clever short stories; afterwards, I read almost everything written by him. Dahl’s ability to create wonderful characters and beguiling plots makes him a favorite of mine. I am fondest of his short story collections for adults, but The Twits is a great example of children’s literature that adults can enjoy. Many of Dahl’s titles are ageless in their appeal.

I am a strong believer that reading is an avenue to enlightenment and inspiration. My brothers and I were lucky; our mother read aloud to us before bedtime. Mom was a good reader who made the stories come alive in the minds of her listeners. We subscribed to the Rainbow Classics Junior Deluxe Editions, and beautiful hardbound books came in the mail every month. As the resident bibliophile, I’d rip the packages open excitedly and peruse the latest arrival in the Nelson Doubleday series. The titles are too numerous to list, but I remember The Wind in the Willows, Oliver Twist, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Robinson Crusoe, Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates and Swiss Family Robinson to name a few. Our sleep was full of enriching dreams and timeless characters.

Kristin Fulton lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Washington, D.C. before settling in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California.
She studied Theatre Arts and English at college and earned a teaching credential from University of San Francisco. English and Drama were among the courses she taught at High School.
In addition to the middle grade novels Snake Food,The Haunting and Henry Bingle's Transformation, a fable for all ages, the author published Sisters of the Soul, a novel for mature readers. The author is currently working on projects including a second edition of Snake Food with all new illustrations and bonus additions, an amusing musical melodrama for the holidays and a murder mystery set in California Gold Rush era.
When she isn’t writing, Ms. Fulton enjoys hiking, gardening, experimenting in her art studio and playing the Ukulele.
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