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Sisters of the Soul 

If you are a reader who loves to get engrossed in a good story, this is a novel for you. Sisters of the Soul is an epic tale spanning over sixty years in the lives of Elizabeth Dumond and Sophie Washington. The characters cross the Continent of North America, starting at Sweetbrier Plantation in Louisiana and ending in San Francisco, California, with an interlude at Vancouver Island, Canada.The story unfolds as different characters narrate the sometimes violent and tumultuous life events. Sisters of the Soul touches on themes of slavery, friendship, romance, love, hatred, tragedy and joy, and of strong women surviving and thriving in an unpredictable and often brutal world. Purchase the paperback at Amazon by clicking on the direct link:


Henry Bingle's Transformation

BroadwayPacificPress presents Henry Bingle's Transformation, our latest novelette. The main character, Henry, springs to action as a crusading adolescent who single-handedly brings order to chaos and beauty to a garbage dump. The entertaining tale has a few fun twists and is guaranteed to please and inspire readers. Order your copy at:


Snake Food
Second Edition

Snake Food makes a splash with all-new illustrations and bonus materials in the updated edition. The exciting story is the first book in the Hazelsmith Family Adventure Series. The second novel in the series, A Dangerously Close Encounter, is complete and poised to enter the world!

Order a copy today:



Is THAT a HAT will warm the hearts of readers with an unexpected outcome for an unusually silly looking hat.


Stay tuned for DON'T BLAME SAM, a picture book for the younger set, CHRISTMAS IN JULY, a two-act play with music designed for family entertainment. Updates to be posted!

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