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Sisters of the Soul

Kristin Fulton Children's Stories
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Sisters of the Soul is an epic tale about a privileged white woman, Elizabeth Dummond, and a plantation slave, Sophie Washington. Like petals on a flower, the story unfolds as the characters narrate sometimes violent and tumultuous events.

Sisters of the Soul touches on the themes of slavery, friendship, romance, love, hatred, tragedy, joy, and strong women surviving and thriving in an unpredictable and often brutal world. The story crosses the continent of North America, starting at the Sweetbrier Plantation in Louisiana in the mid-1800s to the bustling city of San Francisco in the early 1900s.

Ultimately, Sisters of the Soul is a story of redemption, transformation, the healing of a mother-daughter relationship, and the resilient women who find joy and satisfaction as they overcome the struggles and hardships of life.
Kristin Fulton Children's Stories
As a writer and educator, my goal is to engage and encourage young readers through entertaining literature. Snake Food, The Haunting and Henry Bingle's Transformation were written with that purpose in mind. I hope that the books will help fulfill my goal of inspiring readers.
Kristin Fulton Children's Stories
Kristin Fulton Children's Stories

Due to their parent’s professional obligations, a reluctant Olivia and her younger brother, Theo, are sent to spend the summer with their uncle, the brilliant, eccentric Professor Austin Hazelsmith, imminent scientist and inventor. Olivia is skeptical when her father promises that a summer spent with Uncle Austin is a summer she’ll never forget, but as soon as the train lets Olivia and Theo off at Bedford Falls, she and her brother enter a world of danger and intrigue, ultimately rescuing their mysteriously missing uncle and defeating a pair of terrorists intent on world domination.
Kristin Fulton Children's Stories
Kristin Fulton Children's Stories
Orphan Chance Jameson, the almost thirteen-year-old hero of The Haunting, develops a startling ability to communicate with ghosts after Miss May, director of the Oak Hill Orphanage, dies in a bizarre accident, leaving the orphanage at the mercy of the Whipley twins.
Kristin Fulton Children's Stories
Kristin Fulton Children's Stories
A Fable for All Ages
Henry Bingle is overweight, unpopular, and extremely untidy until he meets a Quercus Nixie, a magical creature who helps transform the ordinary Henry into an extraordinary hero. From laughing stock to leader, Henry transforms the town of Hogville from pigsty to park. The heartwarming story first aired on local access radio station KAAD-LP, 103.5 FM. Hear a short excerpt from the show by visiting the FultonsFables page and pushing the play button. Now, get it in print at Amazon.
Kristin Fulton Children's Stories
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An unusual hat is the star of"Is THAT a Hat?" Prudence finds a free hat and thinks it is beautiful. She goes to the zoo to show it off to all her friends. Much to her despair, she discovers that the hat is a fright, not a glorious sight. Back at home, a disgusted Prudence hurls the hat from her balcony. This whimsical tale ends with a cozy surprise. A charming story to read aloud to young children!
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