Reviews, The Haunting and Snake Food

The Haunting, by Kristin Fulton, contains a perfect amount of old-fashioned edge-of-your-seat excitment. Ghosts? Why not? The story is just plain fun, filled with a light touch of suspense, twists and turns, and delightful illustrations. A good read-aloud while on a road trip with the family, or for a pre-teen ready to curl up and spend some time immersed in a story were kids are the heros. 

Bev Britts



Snake Food, by Kristin A. Fulton, is a story of a summer vacation gone awry. Olivia Hazelsmith and her younger brother, Theo, have plans of their own, when their parents, both doctors, suddenly announce that they are going off to Africa to assist in a disaster. The children are to stay with their Uncle Austin, a plan which leaves both of them quite disgruntled. When they arrive at his sprawling home in Bedford Falls, they are in no mood for what befalls them.

Instead of Uncle Austin, they are met by his housekeeper, Mrs. Zelinsky, who informs them sourly that their uncle has gone off on a sailing trip. With nowhere else to go, the siblings decide to stay and await their uncle’s return. Soon, they meet Vladimir Trokov, a lab assistant to their uncle, who is no more welcoming that Mrs. Zelinsky. Something is definitely odd about these two, Olivia and Theo agree, but what is really going on?

The answers will take them through the heart of their uncle’s strange old house, into his secret laboratories, and into a dilemma that is very scary, indeed. Aided by their new friend Will, Olivia and Theo demonstrate intelligence and courage in solving a near-lethal mystery and in bringing justice to the criminals responsible.

Fulton has created an atmosphere of both menace and adolescent camaraderie that will keep readers of all ages turning the pages of Snake Food. Charming illustrations by Molly Hart lend extra vitality to the tale. A must-read for lovers of mysteries and of a tale well told.

Suzan Still, author of Well in Time, Fiesta of Smoke, and Commune of Women.

Sonora, California

Kristin is such a mutli-talented person! The Haunting and Snake Food are real gems. I gave both books to my granddaughter last Christmas and she loved them!

Oct 2, 2015 Cindy worked indirectly for Kristin at Independent Writer. 

Cindy Roberts

Retired Teacher, Soulsbyville Elementary School, Sonora, California

Snake Food by Kristin Fulton offers the reader anticipation and adventure. The trio of youth are endearing with their interactions and problem-solving. I so enjoyed the perfect amount of suspense, the supurb illustrations and the charming style which Ms. Fulton writes. Its a great read-aloud chapter book to a younger child, and a good read for pre-teens.

Bev Britts



The Haunting, by Kristin A. Fulton, is a young adult novel that is fun for readers of all ages. The book follows Chance Jameson, a delightfully inquisitive and adventuresome boy whom fate has made an orphan. Housed at Oak Hill Orphanage, he is happily involved with his fellow orphans and his beloved teachers. Until, that is, the arrival of the Whipley twins, who take over the running of the orphanage.

What happens from that point on is a study in both the misery brought about by adult greed and unkindness, and in the courage and inventiveness of the children, who are aided by the disembodied presence of one of their favorite—but very much dead—teachers, Miss May. How the children overcome their adversaries makes for a tale filled with intrigue and humor.

Fulton has brought just the right, light touch to a story that still rests in important verities: greed and lack of compassion on one hand, played off against love and loyalty on the other. Facing life with pluck and imagination, courage and esprit de corps, the orphans present a wonderful role model for any reader. Charming illustrations by Molly Hart add playful embellishment to a tale very well told. I recommend The Haunting as fine summer reading for anyone, children, young adults and adults alike.

Suzan Still, author of Well in Time, Fiesta of Smoke, and Commune of Women.

Sonora, California

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